Vision, Mission & Objectives

We at National Institute of Engineering & Technology very clear vision to trained working professionals of different trades for their better career. 

We are for:- 

  • To give you new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions and to equip you for an analytic outlook for decision making in the ever-changing Indian and International business environments.
  • To train you to be successful leaders as well as effective team players by enhancing their knowledge base, initiative, confidence and creativity towards a fierce zeal for achieving results.
  • To help you discover your dormant qualities and unused strengths and potential so that you get the vigor to set the highest goals for their life and achieve them.
  • To develop your abilities to formulate, structure, solve and implement solutions to complex management problems.
  • To install in you the art of human engineering- the basic qualities of dealing with people, understanding of human behavioral patterns and motivation techniques in a cross-cultural, multidimensional environment.
  • To provide a strong conceptual foundation for Engineering and Management Certification Courses. 

Our Mission
To address the need for creating Industry-Ready Global Contributors by offering Management and Engineering Certification Courses, founded on strong core values, built on the twin pillars of theory and practice and designed to foster academic excellence and professional skill development through learning, knowledge sharing, and teamwork.

Our Objective
  • Demonstrate a critical, ethical and reflective approach to the field of management and Engineering. 
  • Evaluate, synthesize and apply advanced, contemporary theories and techniques to a range of complex problems.
  • Apply a degree of creativity, one's an intellectual, subject and professional skill.
  • Evaluate and apply relevant research methodologies.
  • Make informed judgments on problems or opportunities in the field. 
  • Learn interdependently and accept responsibilities for professional development.
  • Demonstrate originality in the application of theory and techniques through dissertations.

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